Event Finals – Preview

Tonight the wolverines will be competing 4 gymnasts on 5 different events with the potential to earn 7 All-American honors (every gymnast scoring in the top 8 on each event will All-American; 10 gymnasts will compete on each event).  

On floor, we will see routines from Sam Mikulak, who won floor in yesterday’s team finals with a huge 16.05!  We will also see Sam on pommel horse; he also won horse yesterday with a 15.6.  No wolverines will compete on rings, but on vault we will see both Sam Mikulak, who won qualifications with a 15.3, and Tristian Perez-Rivera, who qualified to finals with a 15.05.  On parallel bars, we will see both Sam, who won with a 16.05, and Syque, Caesar, who qualified in 6th place with a 15.2.  Finally, on high bar, we will see Syque, who qualified with a 14.85.  And yes, you did read that right: on every event that Sam will compete tonight, he won during yesterday’s team finals.

The format for tonight’s competition is as follows: gymnasts will compete one at a time on the first three olympic events (Floor, Horse, and Rings).  Afterwards, the gymnasts will move to the last three events (Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar).  

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