Floor Finals – Sam – 15.125

Sam won floor in last night’s team finals with a 16.05, and he is currently ranked #1 in the country on this event.  Despite breaking both ankles simultaneously on a floor dismount as a sophomore, Sam continues to be a dominant force on the floor exercise.  He competes last on floor tonight and needs to beat a 15.425 to win.

But Sam’s floor routine is similar to his horse routine, filled with rather uncharacteristic errors.  He nearly falls on his second pass, and while he attempts a very difficult “air flair,” he scrapes his foot on the ground and bends his legs, losing more in deduction than the skill is worth.

Sam scores a 15.125, and still manages to claim 4th place.

Routine: Back 3/2 punch 2/1 (low landing and small hop); front 1/1 punch double front (low flip large step to side; almost falls); back 5/2 punch front 3/2 (step back); air flair (nearly falls and scrapes foot on floor); wide arm press; layout thomas; layout thomas; back 3/1 (hop and step back)

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