Floor Finals – Stacey – 15.1

Stacey qualified into tonight’s finals in seventh place with a score of 15.3.  Interestingly, Stacey is unranked in the national gymnastics rankings.  Because he did not compete floor at the B1G Championships, he was not eligible to be nationally ranked.  That said, Stacey is definitely one of the best tumblers in the country.

And Stacey really impresses the crowd.  His landings are essentially flawless with just a small hop on his Tamayo and his Arabian Double Tuck.  His Tamayo is huge, even for Stacey.  Not to mention, Stacey’s connection tumbling is immaculate as well.  What a great way to end the 2014 season for Stacey.

Unfortunately, Stacey’s 15.1 puts him in second place (behind CJ Maestas of Illinois) with only 2 competitors having gone.

Routine: Front 2/1 punch front 1/1; Tamayo (small hop but so high); press; back 5/2 punch front 1/2; back 3/2 punch front 3/2; layout thomas; arabian double tuck (small hop)

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