Horse Finals – Sam – 13.25

Sam enters tonight’s horse finals having qualified number 1 with a 15.6.  He is currently unranked on Horse, as he did not compete horse at enough regular season competitions to have a national qualifying average.  That said, he did compete horse at the 2012 Olympic Games, so he is definitely a competitor to watch out for.

But tonight certainly wasn’t Sam’s best night.  His scissor work was good to begin the routine, but he smacks his legs on his russian flop, causing him to lose balance, break form, and nearly fall off the horse.  Miraculously, Sam does not fall, but he never seems to get back into the swing of things.  The rest of his routine has quite a few form errors and he finishes with just a C dismount, dropping his start value by 3 tenths in the process.  

Sam scores a 13.25, putting him in last place

Routine: Mikulak; scissor 1/1 travel; stockli b down; d russian flop (hits the horse, bends and splits his legs and by some miracle stays on the horse); tong fei (legs split); triple russian (legs split and bend); magyar; sivado (legs split); c handstand dismount

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