High Bar – Event Finals – Syque – 14.975

Syque has become quite the high bar worker and is currently ranked 10 in the nation.  His season high of 15.8 ties Jake Martin for the highest high bar score of any currently ranked collegiate gymnast (Note: Sam is not ranked on high because he did not compete in enough regular season competitions).

And Syque’s routine is a combination of highs and lows.  He has some great release work, but messes up a full tak.  As such, he doesn’t connect it to a yamawaki and loses difficulty points.  But he finishes with a beautiful dismount with just a small hop to finish his career as a wolverine.

Syque scores a 14.975

Routine: endo full to mix; yamawaki 1/2; full tak (finish way past handstand) ; yamawaki; tkatcehv; rybalko (finish way past handstand); 1/2 tak (perfect handstand finish!); stalder; quast; double layout 1/1 (small hop)

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